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Star Lines is offering you top OTR Truck Driving Job benefits! Besides knowing the transportation industry inside and out, we’re a company founded and managed by a fellow driver who cares about his team.

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    What can we offer to our new OTR Truck Drivers?

    If you have more than 24 years, class A driving license for at least 2 years and you love being on the road, than Star Lines is the right company for you!

    We’ve been behind the wheel, so we have the maximum respect for the driver’s work and that is why we decided to offer fantastic benefits in order to keep our OTR drivers happy and running.

    Star Lines Benefits:

    • Referral bonus $1.000‚00
    • Paid empty and loaded miles
    • Layover pay
    • Mileage bonuses
    • Payment every Friday
    • Assigned dispatcher
    • Direct deposit
    • Passenger and Pet Rider Policy

    Requirements for the OTR truck driving position:

    • Class A CDL
    • 1‚5 years of experience
    • 23 years of age

    “Because we know how valuable loyal employees are, we’re dedicated in offering top work/home conditions in the transportation industry. Besides getting premium pay, each OTR truck driver in Star Lines knows that he has our support 24/7, no matter what happens.

    In order to show how much we appreciate that you chose our company, we’re proud to say we are including your family in our internal gift programs and corporate events.

    We want you to create beautiful memories with your family, so after each year with us, we’ll treat you and your family with a paid vacation.”

    Ivan, Founder

    Refer the right STAR for our OTR truck driving job and get a hefty check from us!

    Do you know someone who fits our vision? Rest assured knowing that we’ll treat your friend/family member with the respect he deserves!

    Don’t hesitate, contact our recruitment professionals today and earn up to $1.500 per the STAR who starts driving for us!

    Life of OTR Truck Drivers

    It’s pretty much clear that OTR trucking jobs aren’t made for everyone. Star Lines believes that only extraordinary and dedicated people can be successful in this industry. Definitely, you need to be a road-loving loner with strong work ethics with a passion to deliver your loads safely and on time.

    Each day you will drive for several hundred miles, usually 5 to 6 days a week. Sometimes you’ll meet interesting people on designated truck stops, where you can grab something to eat, get a shower and spend some of your downtimes, as your driving limit is 11 hours per day. Most of the time you’ll sleep in the truck, but how truck’s sleepers have changed! Modern trucks are equipped with comfortable size beds where you can relax and get a good night sleep.

    Work/home balance is one of the things we try to achieve, depending on your state, you’ll spend 3-4 weeks on the road and 3-4 days at home. Star Lines respect strong family values which most drivers have, and we support all our team members and their family’s needs.

    What our drivers say about us:

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